Stretchy Hemp Flats
Stretchy Hemp Flats
Stretchy Hemp Flats
Stretchy Hemp Flats
Stretchy Hemp Flats

Stretchy Hemp Flats

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Stretchy Hemp Wipes can be found by clicking here.

HumBird stretchy flats are made from 310gsm 47% hemp, 38% organic cotton, 15% stretch terry cloth fabric. These hemp flats have a 2 way stretch meaning it stretches in only one direction. The stretch should run horizontal when putting it on the baby which allows you to get a great snug fit around the circumference on the waist which makes blow-outs a term of the past. These flats are not pin friendly.

This fabric is unbleached therefore contains colour variations. If you are uncomfortable with colour variations that can include darker spots. Returns are not excepted due to colour variations. On one side you will find a very soft smooth fabric and on the other side very tiny soft loops which give it the terry cloth name. The loops are very tiny and the flat can be worn with loops facing the baby or facing out. The flats are very stretchy and hook well to snappis and boingos.

Flats are designed to be worn under a cover. Wool covers are my personal favourite and flats with a wool cover will allow your childs bum to breath and help keep diaper rash away.

Flats come in three sizes. After washing and drying they will shrink to the end measurements of:

Size 0 ca. 18" x 18" (45,5cm x 45,5cm)* fits from birth to ca 15+ pounds

Size 1 ca 23" x 23" (58,5cm x 58,5cm)* fits from birth (but expect it to be bulky) until 25+ pounds

Size 2 ca  28" x 28" (71cm x 71cm)* fits ca 20 - 40+ pounds. 

The final sizes are when measured from the halfway point. Final sizes can be expected to fall +/- 1". My final measurements after washing and drying were slightly larger.


Are you looking for an absorbency test. An independent person did the following test. This is the complete test.

Hi everyone ! A few weeks back I did a test/comparison of various flats in my local (Swedish) group and HumBird performed so well I thought it would be interesting for everyone here if I translated my little homemade experiment to English and posted it here.

I want to stress this is in NO way a very scientific or precise test, this is me playing around in my kitchen but it should give a pretty accurate estimate of how well these flats perform. Some common US brands (Im thinking Diaper Rite for example) are not in my test simply because we do not find these in the EU (if you wonder why some seemingly big names are missing).

Here goes! 
The how: I weighted each flat diaper dry and fully prepped, soaked them in a bucket full of water, and hanged them to dry just long enough for the excess liquid to drip away. Then weighted again. I chose to rank the flats by absorption/cm2 (surface measured again by me to account for shrinkage) as otherwise it seems obvious the bigger flats would have absorbed more than the smaller ones which would have (in my opinion) given biased results

1/ Humbird: 0.08mL/cm2 (total 433mL= 14.6oz for a size 2)
2/ DIY Milly Muksut: 0.056mL/cm2 (total 215mL= 7.3oz)
3/ Fruit of the Womb caramel: 0.053mL/cm2 (total 211 mL= 7.1oz) 
4/ Imse Vimse: 0.05mL7cm2 (total 243mL= 8.2oz)
5/ Cotton jersey: 0.048mL/cm2 (total 238 mL= 8oz)
5/ Ikea: 0.048mL/cm2 (total 203 mL= 6.9oz)
7/ Bambino Mio: 0.044mL/cm2 (total 159mL= 5.4oz) 
8/ Alvehamn hemp: 0.04mL/cm2 (total 200mL= 6.8oz)

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