Blackalicious 95/5 Wool Interlock (MTO)

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Please note the new sizing chart for leggings and longies.

Please allow 4 weeks to ship. Do you want customisation? Click on the Customise my Wool link.

Note: For best fit, take all measurements with baby wearing your biggest bulkiest diaper you will want to use with the cover.

Please note the approx. ages are hugely variable. This is due to the fact that babies come in many sizes and diapers also. Are you using a thinner daytime diaper? Are you using a heavy wetter nighttime diaper? Please, if you have any questions, contact me and I will help you with the sizing. 

WAIST: Measure babies waist all the way around, above the diaper.

THIGHS: Measure all the way around the thigh at its largest point.

INSEAM: Measure the inner leg from the lowest point of the diaper to the bottom of the ankle.

RISE: Measure from back top of diaper, through the legs, to top front of diaper and add 1.5-2 inches (this will be sure that the cover completely covers the diaper).

Click here for size chart