Little Prince Hybrid Fitted size 3

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The plastic you may see surrounding the embroidery is a water soluble stabilizer. It will wash off in the washing machine. No special care is needed and can be washed with your other diapers.

The Diaper:

This is a OS hybrid SDR diaper made with 100% windpro fleece and top quality prym super elastic. The diaper has cotton velour outer and inner, coloured woolly nylon thread, and comes with 2 inserts. This is a hybrid which means it is not 100% waterproof. To be waterproof it needs an added cover. The diaper can be worn without a cover from between 2 to 8+ hours. The snap down rise adjusts to fit baby from around 15 to 40 pounds depending on body shape of the baby/toddler.

The layer of windpro fleece is sewn in the hidden layer between the inner and outer layers of the diaper. The inside and outside diaper layers are cotton velour pre-washed and dried.

The larger snake like soaker has 1 layer of cotton velour in blue (natural shown in picture) and 2 layers of organic super heavy bamboo fleece and can be folded to meet the wetzone needs of your child. The smaller booster soaker contains 2 layers of super heavy bamboo fleece and one layer of polartec. 

The diaper is CSPC compliant and meets all safety requirements set by the US government.