Key Lime Cover (RTS)

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Cover is made with 2 layers of  100% merino wool jersey superwash for the best against baby`s skin and contains an extra sewn in wet-zone layer which makes 3 total layers of super soft wool. Great for day and can also be used over a hybrid.

This diaper can be bought as a wool wrap (no insert) or as a wool AI2 (with insert). The wool wrap will be shipped without snaps on the butt for the insert. This cover uses the snap down rise system to give 4 rise options to adjust with your child. Fits approx. from 10 to 40-45 pounds. The 3rd picture is a different wool cover and is there to show the insert positioning.

If soaker insert is bought then this is shipped with two soakers:

Snake style soaker is 1x organic bamboo cotton velour (soft against babies skin) and 2x super heavy bamboo fleece.

Booster soaker is 3x super heavy bamboo fleece.

The wool was prewashed and dry and is therefore slightly fuzzy (not pilly).

This wool AI2 is machine washable. Please note the care tag attached to the AI2 says hand wash as I did not want to order another set of CPSC tags but these are machine washable. Even if you forget and throw it in with your hot wash it will minimally felt and shrink. I suggest a wool safe detergent and warm wash or hand wash when it is time to lanolize. I prewashed all fabric (including the wool) with a hot wash and dried it to ensure that if you accidentally throw it in the wash (which happens, I know) you can still use it.