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Hemp and Boobirds Cloth Wipes
Hemp and Boobirds Cloth Wipes

Hemp and Boobirds Cloth Wipes

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HumBird stretchy hemp wipes are made from 310gsm 47% hemp, 38% organic cotton, 15% stretch terry cloth fabric. On one side you will find a very soft smooth fabric and on the other side very tiny soft loops which give it the terry cloth name.  

BooBirds- Bamboo jersey flats are made from 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 5% lycra (spandex) and are 4-way stretchy. These are soft as a babies butt and smooth as silk on both sides. Stretchy beyond belief.

Boobirds 4-way stretch French Terry flats contain 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% lycra (spandex) and are serged with light mint green serging thread. This means they are smooth and soft as a babies butt on one side and contain small french terry loops on the other. The loops can be worn against the skin or facing outwards. They are super absorbent and super stretchy! 

HumBird wipes can be used as cloth wipes and as inserts for your cloth diapers.

THESE are NOT preshrunk and will shrink. They are shipped with a measurement of approximately 9" x 8 1/4".