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Brazil Nut 1, Mill Dyed Black, Purple tie dye Diaper Cover (M F2)

Brazil Nut 1, Mill Dyed Black, Purple tie dye Diaper Cover (M F2)

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Brazil Nut 1 and 2 come from 2 different dye batches and have a slightly different colour. In these woolies BN 2 makes up the bands (waistband and cuffs when applicable) and BN 1 makes up the body.

These beautiful woolies are handmade with the thickest feltable wool on the market and will keep your little one dry.

Note that there are almost always small colour variances from batch to batch. While each woolie is sewn from one piece of wool, if you get two pieces of woolies, it is possible they are sewn from two different batches and may have slight differences in colour.

Each batch is hand dyed and subject to lines, spot, and colour variances. These are not imperfections but are simply part of the beauty of skilled hand dyeing. In some rolls of wool regular stripes occur. This is not a flaw and is just the nature of the roll. Refunds/exchanges will not be given..

👉 Always review size charts to ensure fit! Remember, every brand fits differently. Don't assume a certain type of fit based on a style name you recognize from a different brand.

This product is CSPC compliant.