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Adult Wool Interlock Leggings (Full Length, Solid Color)
Adult Wool Interlock Leggings (Full Length, Solid Color)
Adult Wool Interlock Leggings (Full Length, Solid Color)
Mama wool  XXS-XXL (MTO) - HumBird-European Wool Diaper Covers
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Adult Wool Interlock Leggings (Full Length, Solid Color)

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NOTE: If you have customizations that require additional cost, please make sure to add the corresponding items to your order, or your order will be cancelled.

🚨 Important information: Please read through before ordering. Allow 6 weeks before ship ready. 🚨

UPDATE: Inseam of leggings will now be cut at your provided amount. Please see Step 3 below for more info.

👉 NOTE: Please be aware that these are not tailor made leggings made to fit your exact body. This is a pattern, and not all patterns fit all bodies. Please check measurements. The pattern measurements are included below to let you see approximately what body size fits what pattern size. Flat measurements are also included to help give a better idea of fit.

How to Order

STEP 1: Measure yourself

Take the following measurements:

  • Natural Waist (usually an inch or two above belly button, NOT where the waistband will fall)
  • Waistband length (more info below; see step 5)
  • High Hip (at the hip bones)
  • Hip (at the widest part)
  • Thigh
  • Front Rise
  • Back Rise
  • Inseam

Tape measure should NOT indent into your body. You should be able to fit 2 fingers, no more no less, under the tape measure (basically touching the body and not falling down). My measurements put me into M, EXCEPT my thighs measured XL, so I went with L and am very happy I did.

If you are between sizes, or want a slightly less fitted leggings, I recommend sizing up. EXCEPT for the Custom Waistband. Please measure exactly for the Custom Waistband. More info below; see step 5.

STEP 2: Select Pant Size

Check size chart below and pick the overall pant size that best suit your Hip, High Hip, Natural Waist, and Thigh measurements.

STEP 3: Select Inseam Range and Enter Exact Inseam

Exact Inseam is measured from crotch to where you want your leggings to fall on your ankle. The inseam will be cut to this exact amount you provide. Remember that these leggings have both horizontal and vertical stretch, so it may feel longer. The amount of stretch will also be different depending on body type.

STEP 4: Select Front and Back Rises

The waistband is approximately 3.5" in height and is included in the rise measurement. If you would like the waistband to sit above your underwear line or high hip bones, please take that into consideration.

STEP 5: Select Custom Waistband Size

For your custom waistband, measure 1" below your desired rise, and round to the nearest 1/2".

Leggings are made from OEKO-TEX certified yarn and sourced from Mulesing free sheep.