🐑Next preorder Nov 21-25th. Get Sapphire and Avocado then!🐑

Monthly Wool Preorders

Monthly preorders are regular windows of opportunity to order HumBird kettle dyed or mill dyed wool products, in a few pre-determined colours, at 10% (or more on special sales!) off retail price. Learn more about HumBird's Monthly Preorders here.

The November Black Friday preorder colours are Avocado and Sapphire!

Eco Booty Hunt Clue #3!

Now that you've found the HumBird monthly preorder open from the 1st - 7th each month at a sale price of 10% off...you'll need something to go under the wool! These cloth diapers are flat and very absorbent + stretchy. They offer 360 degrees of absorbency + are trim under your wool cover! 

Note #1: Do NOT order preorder and retail items together or your order will be CANCELLED. 

Note #2: Shipping will NOT be combined for multiple orders.

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