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HumBird Woolie Styles

HumBird Styles at a Glance

HumBird offers the following styles for wool trousers:

  • Leggings
  • Straights
  • Wide Leg Straights
  • Longies
  • Wide Leg Longies
  • Cuffed Longies

And the following styles for wool shorts:

  • Shorties
  • Cuffed shorties
  • Short-longies
  • Short-leggings
  • Bubbles
  • Short-straights (formerly known as straighties)

Capris (2/3 length) can be ordered using any of the trouser styles. The inseam will simply be cut to 2/3 of the normal full-length trouser inseam. Capris are 10% off the full length trouser price.

HumBird also offers a "No Fluff" line for Toddlers. There is only one hip width for all "No Fluff" trousers, and they are offered in the following styles:

  • Leggings
  • Longies
  • Wide Leg Longies
  • Cuffed Longies
  • SF leggings
  • SF straights
  • SF Wide Leg Straights
  • SF Wide Leg Cuffed Straights

"No Fluff" trousers can also be ordered in Capri and Shorts lengths.

Detailed measurements for each style can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which HumBird style should I get for my child who is [insert age] and [lanky/chunky/insert adjective]?

It's all a matter a preference. We can't tell you what size fits your child. Age approximations are just that - approximations. Every baby is different. We highly recommend measuring your child to find the style best fits your little one.

Why is it "PANTS" and not "Pants"? :P

This style was well loved by many HumBird mama customers. They playfully called it "PANTS" whenever referring to this style in HumBird's Facebook Group, and the name has stuck ever since :)

Explanation of the NF line:

Straights vs Longies, what is the difference and why do No Fluff say skinny fit?


Straights in the fluff line came from the same pattern as leggings which has a smaller hip than the Longies/PANTS/CL pattern. For the no fluff line as there are 2 different leggings, skinny fit and normal leggings as toddlers-young kids come in more size variations. So what does that mean for straights? As straights in the fluff line come from the skinnier hip the same is true for the no fluff line. Straights come from skinny fit leggings (so straights-SF leggings all come from a skinnier hip-waist) and leggings/longies/CL/PANTS all come from a different hip-waist pattern. This is to try and cover many different body types. This is then the same for shorts. You can get shorts from SF and the non-sf pattern.

Both no fluff and fluff both have slimmer hips. In the fluff line the slim fit has the same waistband as normal fit just the hips and legs are cut different and slim fit is straights and leggings. Once kids are older and in underwear they come in more shapes and sizes. The no fluff line slim fit and regular fit both have leggings. No fluff slim fit has straights where the normal no fluff has longies. The no fluff slim line is for kids who are very slim built. In this case when they buy clothes they need the longer inseam of their age but everything falls off therefore they need the slim fit of HB. If normal clothes do not fall off then get the regular line.