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My name is Dawn and I am the owner of HumBird. I specialise in handcrafting high quality diapers and diaper accessories. I believe in giving back to the community, which is why I have donated to the Everybum Auction, domestic foilence fundraisers, and moms in need while enjoying life with friends and family.  

When I am not at my sewing machine I can usually be found spending time with my two daughters and loving husband. We try to live an active lifestyle and I love running, hiking, and I’ve even completed a biathlon with our community shooting club. I actually met my husband at a rock climbing gym while taking some time off of my formal education. I was in the process of completing my Masters in Chemistry and somewhere in between classes and having fun we fell in love.

In addition to owning my company and raising a family, I am also the head of an after school program here in Ainring (Bavaria, German). I have completed teacher education for chemistry, biology, and the earth sciences so I enjoy spending time with children and encouraging growth.


HumBird: Keeps the wet in.

HumBird was launched online in 2012, but I (Dawn) started creating cloth diapers back in 2010. Inspired by the birth of my first child, I wanted to create a line of European wool diaper covers that emphasized breathability, comfort, and style. I do not use PUL fabric in my products because I feel that wool provides a much more natural, and again comfortable, experience for children.


While my wool diaper covers are my signature product, my overnight deluxe diapers with OS wool wraps are a close second best-seller. I am honored to say that I am one of just a few that offer certified organic wool interlock. Each and every product in my shop is designed and created by myself with love and high quality components.

I choose to name my company after the hummingbird because it represents beauty and is a reminder of my late father. He passed in 2010, around the time I started creating, and I wanted to honor him in my work. I’d like to encourage you to browse through my shop and if you have any questions you may contact me directly.

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Dawn Jesse
Dawn Jesse
Owner, Designer, and Mastermind