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HumBird BFF Stretch Bamboo Flats

HumBird BFF Stretch Bamboo Flats

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When flats are in stock they ship within 72 hours.

NOT including WIPES. Use code flat5 on any purchase of 5 flats or more for an extra 10% off. This does not include wipes. For example,if you buy 4 flats plus 1 wipe and use the code your order will be canceled without warning.

The BFF flat is named as it might just become your best friend forever. The flats are made from 320gsm, have a slight 4-way stretch fleece, and contain 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% lycra (spandex) and are serged with textured polyester thread. The stretch is 50% in one direction and approximately 15% in the other direction. They are smooth as a cute little babies butt on one side and fleecy on the other. The fleece can be worn against the skin or facing outwards. They are super absorbent, pin and snappie great, and stretchy.

Flats are designed to be worn under a cover. Wool covers are my personal favourite and flats with a wool cover will allow your childs bum to breath and help keep diaper rash away.

Flats come in three sizes and are prewashed and dryed to help prevent shrinking.

Size 0 ca. 18" x 18" (45,5cm x 45,5cm)* fits from birth to ca 15+ pounds

Size 1 ca 23" x 23" (58,5cm x 58,5cm)* fits from birth (but expect it to be bulky) until 25+ pounds

Size 2 ca  28" x 28" (71cm x 71cm)* fits ca 20 - 40+ pounds. 

Size 3 ca 30" x 30"




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