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Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads

Wool Nursing Pads

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 Made to order. Normal 3 day turn around time.  

Wool nursing pads are a must have for nursing moms. If you have never read about wool you should know it is one of the best fibers ever as it is natural, fire resistant, easy to care for, anti-microbial, and a natural insulant which means it not only keeps you warm in the winter it keeps you cool in the summer. Wool is perfect for nursing moms that want superior, all natural protection.

4 1/2" in diameter for less than A-B cups or for women that wear sexier cut bras. Please measure your bra cup to determine what will fit.

5 1/2" in diameter which is ideal for B-DD cups. If you are larger please purchase what you think is best...

6 1/2" for larger DD+ breasted women.

Pad Weights:

Light: 1 layer of 97/3 soft, felted wool interlock. PLEASE NOTE if the edges are not serged they WILL fuzz. Some people are sensitive to the serging and prefer no serging but there is no way to prevent the fuzz.

Medium: 2 layers of soft, felted wool interlock. (1 layer 97/3 and 1 layer 95/5)

Overnight: 3 layers of soft, felted wool interlock made up of 2 layers of 97/3 and one hidden inner layer of 95/5. If you are not sure I would advise trying the normal and doubling up if necessary. OVERNIGHTS HAVE A NEW LOOK: They are now made with  4.5", 5.5", or 6.5" outer layers and a 3rd layer made 1" smaller in the middle so that they lay flatter and conform around the breast better.

**As a personal item, nursing pads cannot be returned for hygiene purposes even in new, unused condition as I can not verify this and therefore can not resell.



I recommend a minimum of 2 pairs, one to wear, and one to be drying while you wear the other. Typically, I recommend washing every 2 weeks, earlier in nursing when there is an abundance of milk, they may need more frequent washing. 

I make my pads large! They measure about 5.25 inches in diameter. It may seem like large pads are less discrete, but in reality when they fill the entire cup of your bra like that, they are much harder to see through your shirt, if you actually need larger pads, contact me for a custom listing. Smaller pads that don't fill the cup can be seen through your shirt.

I recommend light pads for ladies who have only light leaks, probably later in their nursing experience. Day pads work for most women during the day, and normal-overnight pads, are great for sleeping and the early weeks of nursing when your milk is not well regulated and you have an overabundance.

IF you find that during nursing the milk from the other breast does not absorb into the breastpad press firmly but gently on the nursing pad during the first part of nursing. Also, if you wear loose fitting bras that do not somewhat support your breast the nursing pad may not absorb the milk as it should. 
Disposable nursing pads are typically much smaller than the approx. 5 1/2" pads that I make and wool helps prevent bacteria build up and thrush and also does a great job of keeping you dry. Wool wicks the moisture away from your skin and therefore, helps to keep thrush at bay.  Reusable wool nursing pads are not 100% waterproof so therefore, are not 100% leakproof but really, no nursing pad is leakproof, even waterproof ones.

Protect the environment by keeping disposable items out of the landfill. Wool is especially eco-friendly, because it doesn't need to be washed frequently and requires less water when you do wash them. With cotton pads, I found that I needed a dozen or more to have a reliable stash ready, and they needed to be washed after every use or they got stinky!

Lanolin ointment recommended by doctors, midwives, and lactation consultants to safely sooth painful nipples during nursing, is naturally found in wool. Lanolin cleans the wool when it gets wet, so you don't have to wash your pads every time you use them and this same property makes wool diaper covers awesome. You can use them over and over before washing, and they won't stink of rotten milk like other reusable nursing pads will. 

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